About me

Who am I?

Isn’t that a question that we all ask ourselves?

I could either talk about who I think I am, or about what I think that other people think I am. Would that be reality or just a perception? Depends on which moment of my life I am thinking of when I describe myself, because I’ve done wrong and I’ve done right too. I’ve wasted time and energy in disliking and disapproving myself... or others around me, but I’ve also spent these resources in appreciating and praising.

So I am just like you... I am just someone looking to find the best way to live the gift of life.

Would you ask me what moves me, what lifts me up, what touches my soul and what makes me feel human... I would then answer you that I find greatness in music, inspiration in reading and learning, excitement in discovering a new word or expression in German or any other foreign language I might be learning (because I am planning to acquire more, why not?), joy in dancing and moving my body, fulfillment in making people smile and relaxation in being able to talk about anything without barriers (which of course, can’t be done with everyone we meet, but wouldn’t that be nice if it was possible?)

Oh! And I really love cats!

Hope this gives you an idea about who are you dealing with here, dear friend.

Here’s a video in which I talk about self image from the physical point of view. It was the first one I did in double role and it somehow seemed like it’s meant to be. (Or maybe it’s just the fact that I watched too many soap operas when I was a teenager and I found it fascinating that they were able to produce those double role scenes).

Welcome aboard! And enjoy your cruise! Hehe

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