How to Count in German from 1 to 10

Learn how to count from 1 to 10 in German through this free German lesson. Alex will offer you the chance to repeat after her, so you might as well do it. One day you’ll thank her! 🙂 While we find out how numbers are pronounced in German, we also learn about some family members and pets together with their plural forms.

One thing that I missed mentioning in the videos, but I will use this opportunity to tell you about, is that 0 (zero) is “null”.

Through the first video we find out:

– The numbers from 1 to 10 and we use them in a simple sentence.

– How to say “brother”, “sister”, “son”, “daughter” and more, together with the plural forms.

The second video:

… will help you repeat the words & expressions we just learned. Because, when we are trying to integrate a new language into our brains, we need to create a habit, a thinking pattern. And that can be done only through repetition. Have a happy repeating! 🙂

Test your knowledge:

… by taking a quiz. And be sure that even when you make a mistake, you are learning. Have fun!

1st Video

2nd Video

I invite you to repeat the words we just learned, by watching or just listening this next video.

Today’s Quiz.

Congratulations! You’ve seen both videos. Now it’s time for a Quiz!!! Good luck, dear friend.

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The quiz - Count in German from 1 to 10

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Fill in the correct word.

Ich habe ____ Söhne. (I have eight sons.)

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Put the words in the correct order.

hast - Geschwister - drei - du. (You have three siblings.)

3 / 12

How to say the number 10 in German?

4 / 12

Which sentence is correct?

(You have four brothers.)

5 / 12

Fill in the missing word in the sentence bellow.

Sie hat ____ Schwestern. (She has two sisters.)

6 / 12

Synonim of "die Nummer" is:

7 / 12

How to say "the number" in German?

8 / 12

Fill in the missing word in the sentence bellow.

Sie haben ____ Katzen. (We have seven cats.)

9 / 12

How to say the number "five" in German?

10 / 12

Which word fits in the sentence bellow?

Er hat ____ Hunde. (He has nine dogs)

11 / 12

Fill in the missing word in the sentence bellow.

Das ist die Nummer ____. (That is the number one).

12 / 12

Which proposition is correct?

(You have six daughters.)

Your score is

The average score is 33%


If you’re curious how to greet in German, this blog post can help you!

Thank you for stopping by! Keep on … counting in German. 🙂


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