How to Greet in German | Hellos and Goodbyes.

Greetings are one of the first things we learn in any language. When meeting people who do not have the same mother language as ours, it really makes a good impression to greet them in their own language!

You’ll be happy to find out that some of them are very similar to the English ones. Just notice the differences and you’re good to go 🙂 You can learn about this topic by watching my YouTube videos linked bellow. And at the end, of course there’s a quiz, that’ll bring your practice to the next level. But first things first…

Through the first video we find out:

Different German greetings. From “hello” to “good afternoon” and “see you soon”. Some of them are particularly used in some regions or countries.

The second video:

… will help you repeat the words & expressions we just learned. Because, when we are trying to integrate a new language into our brains, we need to create a habit, a thinking pattern. And that can be done only through repetition. Have a happy repeating! 🙂

Test your knowledge:

… by taking a quiz. And be sure that even when you make a mistake, you are learning. Have fun!

1st Video

2nd Video

I invite you to repeat the words we just learned, by watching or just listening this next video.

Today’s Quiz.

Congratulations! You’ve seen both videos. Now it’s time for a Quiz!!! Good luck, dear friend.

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The quiz - German Greetings

1 / 10

Put the following letters in the right order:
tenuG aTg

2 / 10

Greeting used in Austria and South Germany:

3 / 10

Put the following letters in the right order:

uGet actNh

4 / 10

Put the following letters in the right order:

isb ladb

5 / 10

How do we say "Bye"?

6 / 10

How do we say "See you later"?

7 / 10

How do we say "see you tomorrow"?

8 / 10

How do we say "Good morning"?

9 / 10

How do we say "Good evening"?

10 / 10

How do we say "See you again?"

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