Why Is It So Difficult To Learn?

Let’s be honest, any new thing that we have to learn is a challenge.

It is an effort to gain a new perspective. Learning something new is like breaking into an unknown space and having no exact idea what the next step can bring.

Learning can be a painful experience.

Yes, because it is a process of expansion. We are acquiring a new skill and therefore we become a better version of ourselves. Regarding the pain… can I tell you something I realized?

You most probably tried to workout at some point in your life which means you’ve experienced some sort of pain. If you think back, what was your brain telling you while you were repeating those push up or sit ups? This wonderful tool, having its residence in our beautifully created skulls, was telling you: just stop doing this, otherwise something really bad might happen to you. Right?

Please let me know in the comments bellow, if you can relate to this.

Which wolf are you feeding?

As I was saying, learning is painful and there’s a part of us trying to resist it. This part would accept any task we’re familiar with, rather than be exposed to a situation in which a lot of focus and energy is needed. Yes, my friend. It is a part of you that is stopping you from evolving. And it is like in that story with the two wolves. There’s one wolf that is willing to acquire more knowledge and skills and there’s one that is the opposite. Which wolf are we feeding?

Learning takes an unpredictable amount of time.

At least on the first look… and from the learners perspective.

I remember when I started a new job. I had the privilege to be trained, but when I had to start working on my own, I had a totally unrealistic idea of how much it would take me to complete the tasks. My supervisor at that time, was supposed to have a break of several hours and I should have been working and be done with those tasks until she had to be back. She was kindly reminding me the tasks I had to do and at the same time all I could think of was: “Will I be able to fulfill all these duties until she will be back?”. She assured me, that I have sufficient time to complete them all and she was right.

This fear of not being ready on time while using a completely, freshly learned new skill, was somehow justified. Because learning a new skill requires explanation and step by step guidance. But as soon as we manage to accomplish a task once, we can do it a second time faster.

Is it worth going through all this trouble?

Despite any discomfort created by the “pain” of growing, despite any resistance from the wolf inside us that refuses to evolve, and the uncertainty of how long it will take us to learn a new skill or knowledge, dear friend, be sure, it is all going to be worth it.

I am so excited about all that I was able to learn so far in this life. Just a week ago I learned how to make this website and it was, of course, a roller coaster ride. Few months ago I learned how to edit a video and post it on YouTube.

By the way, here’s a video in which I talk more about learning.

Let’s be students for life!

I am grateful and I look forwards to the next learning experience, which is getting closer with every second and will inevitably offer me more possibilities to become the best version of myself. And be of greater service to you, dear friend. 😊

1 thought on “Why Is It So Difficult To Learn?”

  1. câteva lecții pe care le-am însușit pe parcursul anilor…
    1. Cea mai bună investiție pe care o poți face în viață este în tine însuți.
    2. Oamenii din jurul meu îmi sunt oglinzi și fiecare mă învață câte ceva despre mine.
    3. Oamenii nu sunt răi sau buni, doar sunt așa cum societatea și experiența lor de viață i-au făcut să fie.
    4. Bunătatea înseamnă putere, nu slăbiciune.
    5. Indiferent de fricile care te guvernează,
    ACȚIONEAZĂ, pentru că doar așa vei reuși să evoluezi.
    6. Cheia succesului este perseverența.
    7. Omul devine ceea ce gândește, simte și mănâncă.
    8. ”Să nu renunți!” poate fi un principiu de viață extrem de dăunător, dacă nu îți dai seama când și cum să-l aplici.
    9. Urmează-ți visul, indiferent cât de mare e acesta și cât de greu ar putea părea drumul către el. Eu fac asta, și chiar dacă trec uneori prin momente mai grele, găsesc motivația să merg mai departe.
    10. Îngrijește-ți corpul, fă alegeri pentru și nu împotriva lui.
    11. Ajută doar dacă ți se cere.
    12. Nu te vinde ieftin. E bine să îți cunoști valoarea și să te vinzi pentru prețul corect.
    13. Fii curios, caută și vei găsi.
    14. Ascultă-ți intuiția.
    15. Privește mai des în sufletul tău, fii recunoscător și mulțumește în fiecare zi.
    16. Călătorește cât mai des. Îți vei dezvolta creativitatea, vei găsi idei noi, inspirație, energie, viziune.
    17.Vârsta este doar un număr. Am împlinit 55 de ani. Așa, și?

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