Where Are Our Beliefs Coming From?

Have you ever wondered where are our thoughts and beliefs coming from? Did you notice a tendency to react in the same way? Here's why:

We all had times in our lives in which everything seemed just perfect. One of our long life dreams just came true. It is amazing! And yet… negative thoughts are showing up, perceiving certain situations from the dark side or just simply walking around, feeling that there’s a heavy cloud, a storm that is for sure going to come and turn our lives upside down! You know why?


What happens when...

Let’s pretend we watch John and Johanna having a conversation. John is telling Joanna a story from his past, but Johanna just can’t believe it. So she says:

Johanna: “Do you think I was born yesterday?” or “I wasn’t born yesterday!”.

It is just mind blowing how these words are literally describing the way we usually think. What does that mean? If Joanna would have been born yesterday, she would have no experience at all and she would believe what John is saying. Right?

If Johanna was born yesterday, there would be nothing that happened to her in the past that she can relate to. Which means there is no filter through which 

she digests the information she just received. It is what it is and she just BELIEVES it. There is of course a probability in which John is really saying a fake story and in this situation, of course, the fact that Johanna “wasn’t born yesterday” would work in Johanna’s advantage. This mechanism protects her from being mislead by John.


Is it correct to always use our mind?

BUT, my point is that we are using this filter constantly. We have inside our minds a search engine that is constantly looking and comparing what is happening now to what happened in the past and as much as this tool can be useful in certain situation, it can be pointless in others.

There are people, like spiritual leaders, who claim that the mind is just the past. Here is where we store our everyday experiences like we would save pictures and videos on a hard drive. So the mind is a tool which helps us learn and go about our lives without repeating the same mistakes endlessly.

Now… Would you use a fork to eat soup? ( On second thought you’d have a chance of succeeding, even if it would take you “a little” longer. 🙂 Until you put the fork away and drink the soup straight from the bowl! Hehe). Or would you use a scissors to brush your hair? (Unless you tangled your hair so drastically and there’s no other option than cutting it). You got the point…

In Conclusion...

So the mind, aka the past, is not always useful. If you find yourself living your dream, it is because you worked towards it. You put the energy and asked the universe and believed it can happen for you. And if your circumstances are now not that favorable, here’s what worked for me: Be patient, focus on your dreams, BELIEVE that what you dream of is trying to find it’s way towards you too and it is only a matter of time until it is going to become your present reality.

Let’s become aware of what we believe about ourselves, about the people around us, about life. And how did we get to those beliefs? Because, as Earl Nightingale said: “We become what we think about”. Therefore, we become what we believe.

Find out how you can change your beliefs system and get on the path to fulfilling your dreams by watching this video! Enjoy 🙂

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